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Online Community Sotware Company - Socious

In 2002, Socious began with an idea tossed around by Scott Balthazor, Steve Balthazor, and Paul Schneider, all veterans of the software industry.

The idea was to create an online platform that would give people a central place to connect, interact, and collaborate around a product, occupation, or shared interest.

About Our Company

Having worked with Fortune 500, user group, and nonprofit organizations, they knew that software for building community had unique standards. Learn about Socious’s culture.

Functionality and Integration

We know that in order for busy professionals to adopt a central place online where they can share information and communicate, our system had to provide full online community functionality. In addition to collaboration features, we focused on API integration so that the value of our online community platform came from combining the industry’s most complete functionality with real-time customer or membership data.

Support to Thrive

We understand that software alone won’t make your online community successful. Preparing your staff, training the community management team, and getting your members excited are critical to your member engagement success. Having seen both successful and unsuccessful software launches over the years, we decided that Socious should provide the in-house expertise to help you with every step involved in set-up, roll-out, and growth your Socious online community.

Focused on Your Mission

Socious believes that successful organizations find software that both reinforce best practices and serves their existing processes. Tools that force your organization to restructure, create workarounds, and learn a new way of operating often result in lack of adoption and buy-in. When bringing new software onboard, the focus should not be on software, but rather your personal and organizational goals. From its inception, Socious online community software was built to support our customers’ business goals, members, and customers.

Flexible Software

As we welcome more customers and our products evolve, we recognize the importance of adding flexibility into the system. With each software release, we try to ensure that all new features have the flexibility to work the way different groups run their organizations.

“Our software is designed to work the way you want to work.” -Scott Balthazor, CEO of Socious