Why Do Companies Integrate Their Community Platform and Their LMS?

Socious is now offering a free integration with the BlueSky LMS. This exclusive integration will allow users to access all classes in the BlueSky Path through a token authentication pass within you Socious platform. In addition, communities in Socious can be created for class participants so they can interact with their classmates, ask questions, and share information.

This integration will also allow you to set-up and purchase courses in the Socious Store. When a user purchases a course through the Socious Store they are given access to that course in the Blue Sky platform automatically. 

Organizations choose to integrate their LMS with an Online Community to provide their members with an enhanced elearning experience in addition to make purchasing and signing-up for courses a breeze.
Before you talk to a community expert, we highly encourage you to watch the video above in its entirety, so you can get a brief introduction to our integration with the BlueSky LMS.