VMware User Group Grew Their User Community From 20,000 to Over 75,000 Members

VMware User Group (VMUG) increased their web presence and active online members by providing a central location for all their public and back-end technology.


VMUG had no web presence, no membership management database or means of communication, and needed to bring a loose affiliation of groups together into a central organization.


MemberCloud gave VMUG a single source for all their technology, including a CMS, private online community, membership management system, and event system.


VMUG can now easily manage over 400 local events and 30 one-day conferences, and its members can now interact with one another and have discussions in their native language.

“We launched 200 online communities on the Socious platform to enable each of our local chapters to have a home on the VMUG website. The launch went off without a hitch!”

Frances Garvey

VMWare User Group Team

About the Organization

The VMware User Group (VMUG) is an independent, global, customer-led organization, created to maximize members’ use of VMware and partner solutions through knowledge-sharing, training, collaboration, and events.

The independent global VMUG organization was officially launched in August of 2010. Prior to that point, VMUG chapters had operated locally with the support of VMware. These local groups grew rapidly – membership increased over 200% in 2008-2009 alone. Because of this unparalleled growth, a decision was made to bring all of the user group chapters together under one global VMUG umbrella operating independently of VMware.

In early 2010, a steering committee of VMUG chapter leaders was formed to chart the course for the launch and development of the global VMUG organization. From that steering committee, an inaugural volunteer Board of Directors was formed and the new VMware User Group was launched to the VMware customer base at VMworld 2010.

Before Socious

The VMware User Group had no web presence. It was a loose affiliation of chapters and groups all operating independently. VMUG had no central database to manage members and no central means of communication.

VMUG needed a system that would give them the website, membership database, online community and event system they needed, in one package, to run their global organization and provide tools to the existing chapters as well.

How has Socious helped?

The VMware User Group had a single source for all of their public, member-facing, and back end technology. Socious implemented their full suite, which included the CMS to manage their entire external website, the private online community, the membership management systems, the event and speaker management systems, along with the Socious mobile community and event apps.

VMUG enabled members to have discussions and share information in their native language. Creating one website for all members allowed VMware customers to participate, regardless of where they were in the world.

VMUG used the Socious event management system to seamlessly manage over 400 local chapter events and 30 one-day conferences.

Chapters were given their own online communities in the system which enabled them to manage their membership, communications, and their events all in the VMUG platform.

Using one integrated system versus separate technology packages helped the VMUG staff increase productivity and save time in providing customer service to members.

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