Private Social Network for Membership Organizations

Help Members Build Their Professional Networks


Help Members Follow Other Members

First they can “follow” other members. This enables a member, who finds another member who is posting interesting information and to get online notifications when that member posts content anywhere in the community.


Help Members Build Lasting Connection

The second option is for a member to “connect” with another member. This is more like LinkedIn and Facebook where an email will be sent to the member notifying them of the pending connection request. If that member accepts, then these members can show more information to each other on their profiles than they would to just a general member on the site.


Member Development

Help members continue to learn and grow with each other through your online membership platform.


Personalized Professional Networking

Allow your association’s members to follow the groups, people or topics that interest and inspire them.


Members Stay Up-to-Date

Members can now receive real-time updates and information on the topics that they care about.


Flexibility that Your Members Expect

Socious’s online membership platform allows members to interact with each other and your association on their own terms. They choose to follow the topics and members that interest them.

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With Socious, we have been able to engage our members in a way that we never have before. Christine Haerich

SVP, Professional Association for Customer Engagement

The Socious platform played a critical role in growing our organization by 300% to over 80,000 members. Victor Bohnert

Executive Director, VMware User Group

From an IT perspective, Socious is nirvana. Judy Scott

IT Manager, Romance Writers of America

How Can Members Connect in Your Organization’s Private Social Network?

In the social network, members have two main ways they can participate with other members.

Create a Valuable Member Benefit

Increase the value that your members place on their membership by facilitating networking and professional relationships inside and outside of the community.

Meet Members’ Top Needs

Your secure social network helps members network with other members – a top reason why most members join associations and other nonprofit membership organizations.

Members-Only Social Networking

Socious gives your members a closed social network, specific to your industry or organization, for members to network with other members.

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