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Increase Sales & Marketing

In a competitive market, set your offering apart by pairing your products and services with the power of an active social community.

Improve Customer Satisfaction & Reduce Support Costs

Give your customers the tools and access they need to succeed with your products and services.

Collaborate with Customers to Improve Products

Create more profitable products by developing sustainable feedback loops with your market and customers.

With Socious, we have been able to engage our members in a way that we never have before. Christine Haerich

SVP, Professional Association for Customer Engagement

The Socious platform played a critical role in growing our organization by 300% to over 80,000 members. Victor Bohnert

Executive Director, VMware User Group

From an IT perspective, Socious is nirvana. Judy Scott

IT Manager, Romance Writers of America

Reduce Customer Churn

Your online customer community is a tangible benefit of doing business with you. Increase customer retention and market share by creating an online community where idea sharing, peer-to-peer discussions, and proactive customer service create loyal brand advocates.

Create Stronger Customer Advocates

By providing the discussions, resources, and support that your customers need to be successful, your organization will grow brand awareness through word-of-mouth recommendations from satisfied, passionate customers.

Improve Product Stickiness

Help your customers do their jobs and become more successful with your products and services by creating a community where customers can find help and best practices from other customers, as well as employees and other product experts.

Keep Customers Engaged

Provide each customer with information relevant to them. Empower your support team to proactively listen and address customer ideas, issues, and concerns.

Make Market-Driven Decisions

Let your customers and partners know they matter and you are listening to them. Give your customers a voice and a platform to provide consistent, actionable feedback about your products and services, as well as broader market trends.

Ongoing Customer Collaboration

Build more profitable products using fresh market data or customer feedback. Collaborate with customers to spot trends, build out new feature requirements, and validate product strategies.

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