Nonprofit Creates a Single Website Where Members, Committees, and Others Can Communicate and Collaborate

Child Life Council World Case Study

Professional association Child Life Council (CLC) used the Socious platform to create a single, user-friendly website, integrated management system, and bring all their groups together.


In 2009, CLC realized that they needed to upgrade their technology to provide the networking, social media, and communication opportunities that members wanted.


The Socious platform provided CLC with a range of communication tools, a single website built around collaboration, and modern member-facing engagement tools.


CLC gave all their committees and special interest groups a home within their online community, increased collaboration, and provided the tools its members desired.

“ “During our selection process, Socious’ responsiveness, flexibility and attention to our specific needs weighed heavily into our decision. Those same qualities carried into our implementation and have continued beyond. A company in this business must be extremely agile, and that seems to be Socious’ operating principle.”

Dennis Reynolds

Executive Director, Child Life Council

About Child Life Council World

Established as a nonprofit organization in 1982, the Child Life Council represents a group of trained professionals with expertise in helping children and their families overcome life’s most challenging events. The Child Life Council membership is composed of nearly 5,000 individuals representing more than 600 organizations worldwide. Our members include child life specialists, child life assistants, university educators and students, hospital administrators and staff, school teachers, therapeutic recreation specialists, and others in related fields.

Before Socious

In 2009, as CLC staff and leadership monitored trends in the association and nonprofit industries, as well as online behavior among CLC members, it became increasingly clear that the organization would need to take a close look at social networking and its applications for the child life community. In May of 2009, the CLC Board of Directors appointed the Web and Online Networking Advisory Task.

Force (WONAT). The group was charged with the task of reviewing the communications opportunities presented by existing and emerging social media, and to develop a strategy for engaging as an organization in one or more of these media. This led to an RFP process that took a look at the top 3 vendors who provide online communities to associations. Of those three, CLC chose Socious. The online community needed to be integrated with IMPAK, the CLC membership database.

CLC already had Lyris listservs and a growing file library. All of this data would have to be converted into the Socious system so no past discussions or information would be lost. In addition to a place for members to communicate and collaborate, CLC has a Board of Directors, 14 committees (several of which have sub-committees), four task forces, and a number of special interest groups. All of these groups needed to be in one system. Each needed the full communication power of the system, but each needed their own area within the online community for its members.

How has Socious helped?

Socious worked with CLC to identify all of the private areas that needed to be created, all of the discussions and data that needed to be converted into the new community, and all of the CLC branding that needed to be in place to make the Socious site feel as if it was part of the CLC website.

Socious managed all aspects of the implementation, including working with IMPAK to identify all of the membership information that needed to be shared between the two systems. The Socious Implementation Manager guided the CLC team through the implementation. With Socious doing the implementation work, CLC could focus on how they would like the site set-up to meet their needs both now and as the organization grows.

The Socious Online Community, integrated with the CLC IMPAK database, created a single website where members, special interest groups, committees and task forces could go to communicate and collaborate.
Socious attended the CLC Annual Conference, where the new community was launched, and worked the CLC booth to answer questions members had about the new online community and provide training to members.

The new CLC community is gaining a lot of traction with the members and the Socious ‘Communities’ functionality is giving each committee and special interest group of CLC a “home” within the community where they can have their own discussions, file libraries, poll/surveys/blogs, calendars, events and more.

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