Learn about the new Socious integration with HubSpot 

The Socious customer portal platform's integration with marketing and sales software, HubSpot, gives you deeper insight into your customers' challenges, priorities, and mindset by combining traditional CRM and marketing information with behavioral data from your customer portal.

See how you can systematically identify and reach out to customers who are ready to buy additional products and services, as well as those people that are disengaged and might leave you.


Sell More to Existing Customers

Segment activity data from your customer portal along with traditional marketing information to get the right message in front of the right person at the right time.

Set up email or sms text alerts to notify sales or account management when a customer may be sales-ready.

Increase Customer Retention

Pinpoint at-risk customers who express frustration in your customer portal discussion forums, blog comments, or product pages.

Identify the source of the problem and set up email notification for support or account managers when a customer may be struggling.

Recruit and Nurture Customer Advocates

Identify customers who are actively engaging with your company through your customer portal and traditional marketing channels.

Set up workflows and email campaigns to nurture loyal customers into brand champions.

Personalize Customer Marketing

See customers' portal activity in your HubSpot contact timeline.

Easily leverage deeper insight into customers' priorities and problems to nurture customers with email campaigns and personalize their online experience with smart calls-to-action and smart content.

Automate Community Management

Trigger outboarding sequences and other engagement-oriented email campaigns automatically based on activity data and workflows in HubSpot.

Create personalized communication for customer portal users based on their engagement habits.

Improve the Customer Experience

Combine customer data from HubSpot, your customer portal platform, and CRM systems for a comprehensive look at the customer journey.

Customize relationship-building communication and nurturing campaigns to provide ongoing value based on customer interests and intent.

Streamline Login Processes

Set up a single sign-on to all your systems so that customers only need one login to easily access the information they need about your organization, products, services, and support.

Boost Customer Satisfaction

Apply enhanced insight into your customers to keep customers happy by providing them with the most relevant and helpful information on best practices, uses, and additional services on an ongoing basis.

Your Customer Portal is An Essential Part of Your Marketing & Sales Technology Toolset

Your marketing software and CRM system work together to bring you new customers. But, where do customers go once they become customers? Adding a customer portal that talks to your marketing and sales platforms makes it easier to increase revenue per customer and improve customer retention.