Dscoop Case Study

Global User Group Community Keeps Busy HP Customers Engaged

Digital Solutions Cooperative (Dscoop) updated their technology to provide a seamless experience for members while staying inside their budget and improving time management.


Dscoop had multiple outdated systems that did not connect with one another and were difficult for employees and members to use.


Socious provided Dscoop with an online community, CMS, membership management database, and enhanced features all in one platform.


Socious helped Dscoop increased efficiency, gain more time to work on member-facing initiatives, and improved their members’ online experience and engagement.

“Having one system that integrated our database, website and social media technologies was key to our decision in moving forward with Socious.”

Lindsay Mitchell


About the Organization

Founded in 2005, Dscoop (Digital Solutions Cooperative) is an independent global community of graphic arts business owners and technical professionals who use HP Indigo and Scitex equipment and related solutions. Dscoop is focused on educating and connecting its members with each other and with HP to improve members’ business growth, efficiency and profitability.

Dscoop is available in North America; Asia-Pacific; Europe, the Middle East and Africa; and Latin America.

Before Socious

Dscoop had multiple systems that were not talking to each other. This made the ability to do the reposting that Dscoop needed a very time consuming task.

The technology they were using was not keeping up with the trends of technology or with new social media features.

Dscoop was looking for a way to carry through the networking from their annual conference throughout the year and was looking for one integrated system to do that.

How has Socious helped?

Dscoop was able to take advantage of all of the community, CMS, and membership management features they needed within their budget.

Dscoop allowed customer-facing and IT staff to work on higher priorities with the efficiency created by using an all-in-one online community and membership management platform.

The HP customers that belong to Dscoop are able to manage their profiles, find answers to daily challenges, and register for event from a single familiar interface.

Dscoop was able to keep more members engaged throughout the year.

Dscoop has been able to utilize features, like badging, to enhance their members’ online experience and engagement.

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