HEUG Case Study

Software User Group Used the Socious Online Community Platform to Grow Membership to Over 19,000

The Higher Education User Group (HEUG) supported their growing conference with a collaborative website, communication tools, and a system that could generate revenue from event sponsors.


HEUG wanted to find an all-in-one system that included communication tools, a membership database, website, online community, and event system.


The Socious platform provided a single system to manage all of HEUG’s needs, can handle their growing member base, and provides revenue-generating tools.


HEUG has grown their membership from 5,000 to 20,000 members, planned large annual conferences, and created sizable new revenue streams.

“With Socious’ software, we were able to find our total solution for our needs. That combined with the team’s service, has contributed to our success.”

Kari Branjord

President, HEUG

About the Organization

The Higher Education User Group (HEUG) is an international organization consisting of Higher Education institutions that use application software from the Oracle Corporation.

The HEUG is incorporated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, governed by a Board of Directors. The activities and initiatives of the HEUG include interacting with Oracle via a collection of very active and effective Product Advisory Groups (PAGs), holding annual user conferences, and sharing of information via HEUG Online. For more information on the Board, PAGs and conferences, see the links at left.

In 2006 the HEUG joined forces with two other User Groups with similar interests and culture: PSUG (Public Sector User Group) and FUN (Federal Users Network), and renamed its conference the Alliance Conference to reflect the inclusion of these additional groups. In addition to the main Alliance conference held each March in North America, the HEUG is beginning to sponsor smaller conferences in specific geographic areas, such as Alliance Down Under, first held in Brisbane, Australia in 2007.

Before Socious Online Community Software

As the HEUG grew, they wanted to compliment their growing conference with a collaborative website and wanted to maintain a no-staff policy. This meant that the solution had to be easily maintainable and have support services to supplement the time constraints of their volunteer leaders.

HEUG had a desire for the system to generate revenue from event sponsors and vendors and was looking for a system that had a strong revenue generating component.

HEUG had a listserv, but no other means of communication. HEUG had no central database to manage members and no central means of communication.

HEUG needed a system that would give them the website, membership database, online community and event system they needed, in one package, to run their global organization and provide tools to the existing chapters as well.

How has Socious helped?

The International Avaya Users Group partnered with Socious to implement a platform to manage all of their technology in one place – from the public website to the online user community to a membership management system to manage dues and renewal for members.

IAUG saved time by managing all of their events and calls-for-papers (call-for-session, call-for-proposal, etc.) using the same system that housed their online community and membership data.

The user experience was dramatically improved with members being able to go to one website to address all of their IAUG needs.

Avaya customers took advantage of being able to engage the user community on the IAUG mobile community and event apps.

Volunteer leaders were able to go to one place to manage their communities and administer membership information.

Without having to spend time managing the system anymore, the staff was able to focus more on strategic initiatives and ways to move the organization forward.

Activity in the online user community built momentum. For the first time, members were able to connect with one another. Member profiles gave more insight into who members were, putting a face to the community and its members.

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