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Better Relationships Means Better Business

Create Online Communities to Leverage Your Relationships With Prospects, Customers, Members, and Partners.

Socious online community software provides  businesses, associations, and user groups a platform unlike any other to strengthen customers' or members' relationships with your organization and with each other.

Each enterprise-class feature is designed to help you create and grow online communities that differentiate your organization in the market, boost customer satisfaction, and give you feedback to create more successful products and services.

  • Build Community Around Your Offerings – Bring together customers, employees, and partners for the success of your customers (or members).
  • Keep Customers or Members Engaged – Using a set of automated and manual customer communication tools, your organization can more consistently highlight valuable engagement opportunities and provide relevant information.
  • Increase Customer Retention – Set your organization apart by providing your customers and members with an easy-to-use online environment where they can quickly find they answers they need to be successful.
  • Generate Significant Revenue – Social communities do not have to be an expense; they can be a sustainable revenue stream.
  • Manage Members – Socious online community software connects to your CRM or AMS system, or can run as a full standalone membership management system.
  • Make Market-Driven Decisions – Find out what matters most to your audience to develop, validate, and make adjustments to your product roadmap or legislative advocacy plan.
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