Online Community White Papers and eBooks

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Since private online communities are at the center of an emerging movement in customer and membership management, we believe that sharing our 13+ years of experience is one of the best ways to ensure that our customers create the most impactful and sustainable online communities.Please take advantage of the tips in these free resources to create, launch, and manage a more successful private online community for your company and customers.

eBook: Creating an Online Customer Community Strategy

eBook: 50 Reasons Why Real Companies Created Online Customer Communities

White Paper: The Online Customer Community Guide

The Online Community Planning Guide for Businesses, Associations, and User Groups

White paper: Online Community Planning Guide for Associations & Nonprofits

eBook: Launching an Online Customer Community

eBook: Launching an Online Member Community at an Association or Nonprofit

eBook: Understanding Online Community Software Costs

eBook: The Marketer's Guide to Private Online Customer Communities

Checklist: What to Avoid When Launching an Online Community

Toolkit: How to Make Your Online Community a Success

Checklist: 2014 Member Engagement Must-Dos

Checklist: 2014 Member Engagement Must-Dos

eBook: 2014 Online Community Predictions

Toolkit: Creating an Online Community Content Plan

11 Must-Ask Questions For Choosing an Online Community Software Provider for Your Association or Membership Organization

eBook: Reasons Why Online Communities Fail & How to Avoid Them

15 Ways to Engage Customers in an Online Customer Community

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