Add Personalization to Your Member Engagement

Enable Members to Customize the Community Experience Within Your Membership System


Members’ Favorites

Users tend to revisit meaningful areas of your online community that contain content and topics they are interested in. The Favorites feature helps them get to that content quickly and easily.


Highlight Your Relevant Content

Throughout the community, users have the ability to mark a blog, wiki, discussion area, file area, community and more as a ‘Favorite”.


Personalized Email Alerts

Members can also set notification emails for all of their favorites, so the system will notify members when new content has come into the areas of the system they are interested in.


View the Latest Activity

The main landing page for that module will show the most recent items that have been entered into the site from their favorites.


Members’ Profiles

In Socious your members have the ability to customize and tailor their community profiles exactly how they would like.


Community Bookmarking

In a Socious community members are given the ability to follow topics, members or pages that interest them. It’s as easy as bookmarking a favorite page on your web browser.

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With Socious, we have been able to engage our members in a way that we never have before. Christine Haerich

SVP, Professional Association for Customer Engagement

The Socious platform played a critical role in growing our organization by 300% to over 80,000 members. Victor Bohnert

Executive Director, VMware User Group

From an IT perspective, Socious is nirvana. Judy Scott

IT Manager, Romance Writers of America

Provide a Personalized Experience for Your Members

Your members want the ability to choose what they want to see and engage with based off of what interests them. In Socious, they can.

Easy Access

The main navigation bar for the site is customized to include a dropdown menu to show the favorites in that module the member has selected for easy access.

All Favorites in One Place

The content from their favorites will be added to the member’s “My Favorites” page.On the My Favorites page, members can see their My Favorites activity wall which shows in one simple view all of the items that are new across all of their favorites across all modules in the site. Members can filter that content based on the information they are looking for.

Member Relevancy

By allowing your members to personalize their profiles and their activity in your community, you become more relevant to them.

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