Online Customer, Member, & Community Profiles

Enable Members to Engage Each Other Using Social Customer Profiles


Empower Members

Give members the ability to initiate connections by finding other members’ profiles.


Connect with Existing Social Media

Allow your members to connect their profile to their existing profiles and activity feeds on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.


Facilitate Sharing

Provide members with the ability to share their contact information or message one another through your online community to share ideas.


View Recent Activity

Quickly and easily pull up members’ recent activity, such as their content downloads and discussion interactions.


Social Login

Enable members to log in to your online community using Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.



Allow members to update their personal information as it changes, including updating their name, email, password, and job.

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With Socious, we have been able to engage our members in a way that we never have before. Christine Haerich

SVP, Professional Association for Customer Engagement

The Socious platform played a critical role in growing our organization by 300% to over 80,000 members. Victor Bohnert

Executive Director, VMware User Group

From an IT perspective, Socious is nirvana. Judy Scott

IT Manager, Romance Writers of America

Enable Customers and Partners to Build Their Brand Within Your Community

Give your members the freedom to personalize their profile, and use the information they give you to improve engagement and build a custom member experience that caters to their needs.

Improve Member Intelligence

Leverage the information in your members’ profiles to learn about their interests, priorities, and needs.

Improve Engagement

Use profiles to make sharing and networking easier for members, increasing their engagement and connection to your organization.

Provide a Personalized Experience

Incorporate members’ interests and preferences to create a customized experience and personalized communication.

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