Employee Communities

Everything You Need to Create Secure Employee Communities

Improve Collaboration

Break down silos so that your employees can find answers to their questions, the latest information on a topic, and subject matter experts more quickly.

Share Ideas

Crowdsource ideas to solve your most important business problems from across your organization. Then, enable people to rank and discuss them to bring the best ideas to the surface.


Store Knowledge for Future Reference

Archive document, discussions, and other resources so that employees can benefit from past collaboration with other team members, customers, and partners.

With Socious, we have been able to engage our members in a way that we never have before. Christine Haerich

SVP, Professional Association for Customer Engagement

The Socious platform played a critical role in growing our organization by 300% to over 80,000 members. Victor Bohnert

Executive Director, VMware User Group

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Create a Versatile Employee Knowledgebase

If an employee has a question today, some other employee will have that same question tomorrow, next week, or next year. Rather than asking the question again, employee can search discussions, resource libraries, and other text-based content to find the answer quickly. This creates an easy way for employees to tap into the knowledge of all current and past employees in one site. Regardless of your business, access to knowledge quickly can increase productivity, efficient, and quality of work.

Help Employees Build Community Inside and Outside of Work

When employees know each other and like each other work is a nicer place to be and more work actually gets done. Facilitate these relationships through the online community. Employees can search for other employees that have a certain skill set that may help them with a customer, who have experience speaking with Japanese customers or are into cycling on the weekends. Creating relationships between employees enables work to get done more efficiently and builds a stronger bond to the company and the people that work there.

Create Virtual Working Groups, Task Forces, and Committees

In today’s work environment, meetings can be productive, but too many can take away from the job at hand. As you create employee committees, some meetings will certainly need to take place in-person. There are a vast majority though that can happen virtually through file sharing, polls, discussion forums and other functionality. Make your employee committees more efficient, and give them more time to do their job through sub-communities you can set-up in your overall employee online community.

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