Software for Managing User Groups

Socious provides the most complete all-in-one user group management software. Many of the world's largest user groups use the Socious platform to manage a global membership, run events and conferences, and maintain high levels of member engagement.

User Group Management Software

How User Groups Use Socious Software

Membership Management

Socious online community software can link to your existing membership database or manage that process completely within our system. From managing membership dues payment to online membership directories, Socious compliments your membership data and provides it in useful ways for your members.

Community Building and Engagement

Your members are busy; they need to access all the information that they have permission to view in one system. As an organization, having all member, chapter and committee communications in one system makes your staff more efficient.

Revenue and Events

The Socious system enables your organization to turn your online community into a revenue-generation engine. Enable registration for events at the international, national and local levels. Facilitate purchases to physical items and downloadable content within the online store.