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join the dozens of associations that have switched from imis to the socious ams

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You are paying a lot for your association management software.
But, how many of the features are you actually using?

Socious's all-in-one association management software gives you everything you need to run your association without having to worry about high costs, custom development, and risky integrations.

manage membership
& dues collection

Set your association up to manage dues and invoicing for company , individual , and chapters memberships.

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run conferences
& events

Use Socious's advanced  event management system to run events from multi-day conferences to webinars.

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design a
beautiful website

Manage your association's website, event websites, and chapter websites from a single system.

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increase engagement with a private community

The built-in community increases member engagement, committee collaboration, and volunteerism.

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The benefit that COE received immediately was our $20,000 annual savings. That really hit a home run for COE. 

Bret Kelsey

Executive Director of COE

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