Get the Essential Guide to Measuring Your Customer Community's ROI

From helpful hints to the metrics you'll need to measure your customer community strategy's impact on business objectives. It's all here.

Key Takeaways

  • What You'll Need to Measure
  • How Your Community Impacts Business Outcomes
  • How You Can Increase the ROI of your Customer Community
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The Proof is in the Pudding

Don't just assume that your online community is working for your business. Use the data inside and outisde of your customer community so that you KNOW whether or not it's working, and what needs fixing.

Community Goals

In order to successfully track the ROI of your customer community, you will first need to develop and prioritize your goals for the community.

Trackable Metrics

This guide will breakdown the most common customer community business goals into clear and trackable metrics.

Helpful Hacks

In addition to the metrics that you'll need to track, we have also included helpful hacks to help you along the way and make the process as easy as possible.