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Online Community Blog

The Socious Online Community Blog provides information on how corporations, associations, and user groups can use social technology to engage their communities and help their customers, employees, and partners engage with each other. We cover online communities, social media, enterprise collaboration, forums, membership marketing, events, conference management, customer retention, innovation management, and analytics.

ProCommunity Web Show & Podcast

A 15-episode social business web series and audio podcast that focuses on how businesses and membership organizations can use online communities to improve their performance.

Customer Engagement Videos and On-Demand Webinars

A collection of online videos and on-demand webinars covering customer engagement and membership management.

Online Community White Papers and eBooks

Social community white papers, ebooks, and toolkits on online communities, strategy, and social networking.

Association Management Resource Center

Tools that association executives and membership professionals need to successfully increase member engagement, revenue, and membership.

User Group Management Resource Center

Resources for user group leaders and marketing professionals to successfully manage and grow independent and company-owned user group organizations.

Professional Online Communities

Connect with other professionals from businesses, associations, and user groups to learn about online community building, member engagement, and customer retention.

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