Avaya Case Study

Avaya User Group Provides a Seamless Customer Experience Both Online and Offline

Socious customers range from Fortune 100 Companies to Nonprofit Associations

The International Avaya User Group (IAUG) consolidated multiple systems into a single tool to streamline logins and provide a smooth experience for their members and volunteers


A compilation of two groups, IAUG had multiple systems that did not always work well together, and cost staff members valuable time.


Socious provided a single, central system with better member-facing functionality and all the tools IAUG needed to manage their members, plan events, and increase engagement.


IAUG dramatically improved the member and volunteer experience, and saved time and effort by consolidating management systems into one easy-to-use platform.

“[Since using Socious,] our opportunity to use our own team to now focus on strategy, freeing up 5-10 hours a month over the course of a year, adds up to a lot of savings and dollars that can be used to move the organization forward.”

Colleen Jamieson

International Avaya User Group

About Avaya

In 2010, members from the International Nortel Networks Users Association (INNUA), the International Alliance of Avaya Users (InAAU), and Insight 100INC joined together to form the International Avaya Users Group (IAUG). This global membership organization has spent more than two decades providing advocacy, networking, and education to Avaya customers worldwide who are looking for a partner that enables them to share their voice, improve their knowledge, protect their investments, and influence product development and service delivery.

At 5,000 members strong, the International Avaya Users Group (IAUG) combines the previous Avaya and heritage Nortel user groups into one of the world’s largest international organizations for communication technology professionals. As the forum for the global Avaya customer community, IAUG provides a voice and resource for Avaya customers everywhere.

Before Socious

The International Avaya Users Group had multiple systems they were trying to use in conjunction with each other – a separate membership database, email system, and event registration tool.

The user experience for the members and volunteers was a challenge since members had to go to different places to find information, get support, and accomplish what they were looking to do.

Staff spent time managing systems more than they would have liked, limiting the time they had to work on more mission-critical projects.

How has Socious helped?

The International Avaya Users Group partnered with Socious to implement a platform to manage all of their technology in one place – from the public website to the online user community to a membership management system to manage dues and renewal for members.

IAUG saved time by managing all of their events and calls-for-papers (call-for-session, call-for-proposal, etc.) using the same system that housed their online community and membership data.
The user experience was dramatically improved with members being able to go to one website to address all of their IAUG needs.

Avaya customers took advantage of being able to engage the user community on the IAUG mobile community and event apps.
Volunteer leaders were able to go to one place to manage their communities and administer membership information.

Without having to spend time managing the system anymore, the staff was able to focus more on strategic initiatives and ways to move the organization forward.

Activity in the online user community built momentum. For the first time, members were able to connect with one another. Member profiles gave more insight into who members were, putting a face to the community and its members.

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